Tyler Childers Wants To Play Joe Exotic In The Tiger King Movie

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Joe Exotic, AKA the Tiger King, is going to go down as the MVP of the Coronavirus pandemic…

Well, right after the doctors, nurses, scientists, first responders, you know the people actually helping us fight this disease. But right after them, it’s Joe Exotic.

Anyways, since Joe is the biggest star on the planet at the moment, all everyone can talk about is who is going to play him in the inevitable biopic.

And country music’s own Tyler Childers would like to throw his hat in the ring.

Go ahead and give him the Oscar.

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I’m sure you know Tammy Chiggers, but if you’re unfamiliar with Shady Boggs, this will help.

That’s just good fun.

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The Tiger King auditions for ‘American Idol.’

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