Brent Cobb Releases Appropriately Titled Song, “The World Is Ending”

Some artists are choosing to hold the release of their new music until this Coronavirus pandemic is over. Others are choosing to release music early or release songs they didn’t necessarily even plan to share.

For the artists in the second group, I say thank you.

And Brent Cobb, he released a song appropriately titled, “The World is Ending.”

They say the world is ending… again. I wrote this in 2011 just before the Mayan calendar ran out. We recorded it this past December. I didn’t plan to release this song but in light of the current situation, here it goes. Y’all stay safe out there. Let’s love each other… from a distance.”

Sit back and enjoy this song that we’re only getting because we’re stuck at home.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock