Wheeler Walker Jr. Announces Greatest Hits Album, Releases New Song “Go Big Or Go Home”

Ol’ Wheeler is officially back.

Earlier this week, Wheeler Walker Jr. shook the country music world when he came out of retirement with a song about the Coronavirus pandemic, aptly titled “Covid-19 Blues.”

Of course Wheeler, who is the alter-ego of comedian Ben Hoffman, left country music and pretty much social media all together last year after a lengthy Twitter rant and social media backlash regarding the Covington Catholic incident.

However, with the return comes a new album, a greatest hits record titled: Fuck You Bitch: All Time Greatest Hits.

“I’ve already made some of the greatest country albums of all time. So I started thinking… what if I put all the best stuff on one album? Wouldn’t that be the greatest country album of all time? So I did and it is.”

The record, set for release on May 1st, will feature two new songs, including this one: “Go Big Or Go Home.”