Thomas Rhett & Jon Pardi’s “Beer Can’t Fix” Video Is Giving Me “Steal My Sunshine” Vibes

If you remember the alt-rock band Len, you remember their 1999 hit “Steal My Sunshine.” You remember it because it’s the only hit they ever had. And maybe even the only song they’ve ever had. It’s not like anybody can name another one…

Anyways, watching T-dog and Jon Pardi zip around Key West on a couple of scooters in the new “Beer Can’t Fix” music video, it took me right back to 1999.

I actually wrote this entire article about drinking beer through quarantine, you know the whole “Beer can’t fix it but it definitely helps” kind of angle, and then I deleted the entire thing and rewrote it all about a Canadian one-hit wonder.

And now, “Steal My Sunshine” will be stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome.

Will I still remember “Beer Can’t Fix” in 21 years? Hard to say… but has “Steal My Sunshine” stood the test of time? No doubt about it.

I mean, it’s a classic.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock