Chicago Woman, 75, Will Fight Lady Not Taking Coronavirus Seriously: I’ll “Kick Her Bleach Blonde 50-Year-Old A**”

Bonnie from the rafters!

The almost 75-year-old has gone viral after she posted her recent experience at a Mariano’s grocery store in Chicago. You see Bonnie here has a daughter that works at a hospital, and is helping save lives.

When a fellow customer told Bonnie Coronavirus was just some political hoax, Bonnie got angry. You don’t want Southside Bonnie angry. Things got heated as she explains, but Bonnie was the bigger person.

“But at that point, I had to walk away because I thought about my daughter working at hospitals trying to save lives with this pandemic.”

“And I thought, ya know, this woman has no idea that I’m almost 75, but I’m from Chicago and I will gladly tap her on the shoulder and ask her to step outside and proceed to kick her bleach blonde 50-year-old ass.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock