Matthew McConaughey Delivers Another A+ Pep Talk On Coronavirus

Matthew McConaughey with a beard

In these “rough and tumble” times, it’s none other than Matthew McConaughey that has become the voice of hope, the voice of encouragement, the voice of inspiration.

Less than a week ago, McConaughey delivered one of the most awe-inspiring speeches on Coronavirus pandemic that you’re ever going to hear. It went viral everywhere, the entire planet took a deep breath, and for a moment, we all felt like everything was going to be ok. Some people (primarily myself) were even calling for McConaughey for president.

And now today, he back with even more positive words of affirmation, and to caution the good people of the world to stay indoors while we continue to battle this virus.

“Please stay at home. It’s not only the best defense against this virus, it’s the best offense. If you stay at home, you’re not being passive, you’re not being cowardly, you’re actually being brave, courageous… you’re playing offense. Staying at home is our greatest weapon to beat this enemy that we’re against right now.”

Yes, Mr. McConaughey SIR… and God bless America.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock