Jason Aldean Goes “90’s R&B Throwback” With New Single “Got What I Got”

You can usually count on Jason Aldean to bring a little bit of rock and roll to the country charts.

Of course, “Dirt Road Anthem” brought rap into the fold way back in 2011, and his 2014 hit “Burnin’ It Down” had some R&B flavor, but Jason’s wheelhouse has always been those country/stadium rock anthems like  “My Kinda Party,” “She’s Country,” and his debut single “Hicktown.” That’s his bread and butter.

And with this R&B-flavored “Boyfriend Country” bullshit dominating the charts these days, we need Jason to be swinging the pendulum back the other direction… not leaning into it.

But that’s exactly what’s happening with his new single, “Got What I Got.”

When I first heard ‘Got What I Got’ it reminded me of something Boyz II Men would do… almost like a 90’s R&B throwback song. It’s just not something you really hear in Country music that much…plus, now more than ever, I think we’re all just being reminded how to appreciate the people we love.”

Not something you really hear that much… huh? It’s ALL we hear. You know what we don’t hear? A fucking country song.

Jason’s most recent single, the rock-infused “We Back,” failed to crack the top 5 on the Billboard Charts, the first time that’s happened since 2013. So it’s not hard to see why he might want to change it up a bit, but damn, I can’t pretend that I like this pick.

Personally, I would’ve went with “Came Here To Drink.” Give me that steel guitar all damn day.

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