In Hard Times, Whiskey Myers’ “Trailer We Call Home” Is The Reminder We Need

“Yeah, times get tough but love is strong, here in this trailer that we call home.”

And times are tough right now.

People are sick, people are on lockdown, people are losing their jobs every single day as companies shut down… Coronavirus has given the entire country a good hard kick to the gut. And the worst part… it’s not over yet.

And yet in hard times like these, we look to things like music for the encouragement that we need to persevere, something to let us know that we’re not alone in this.

Whiskey Myers’ “Trailer We Call Home” has always been one of those songs that stopped me in my tracks. And while my personal hardships may pale in comparison to many across the country, and the rest of the world, it’s always been a much-needed reminder that in time of hardship, times of struggle, it’s the love around you that will carry you through. The kind of reminder that we all could use right about now.

“Yeah, times get hard but we carry on, here in this trailer that we call home.”

Sing it Cody.