Worst Human Alive Steals Truck With 18,000 Pounds Of Toilet Paper Inside

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What kind of sick bastard steals 18,000 pounds of toilet paper in a time like this?

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, mass hysteria, utter quarantine chaos… this is the time when we rise up, we band together, we lend a helping (freshly washed) hand to our neighbor…

But no, toilet paper famine in full force, the black market is heating up faster than a junkie’s spoon, and assholes like this are out there stealing a semi-truck full of toilet paper… 18,000 pounds of it to be exact.

According to WTHR, North Carolina deputies spotted a semi make a traffic violation on Wednesday and after following it to a warehouse, they determined the semi had been stolen. At the moment, no arrests have been made.

What’s the street value of a role of toilet paper these days? I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking A LOT? We’re talking cocaine level prices right now.

And to be honest, I’m about 2 days away from running out and every time I’ve gone to the grocery store in the past week, I can’t find any. Why can’t I find any? THIS fucking guy.

Life in prison… give it to him now.

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A beer bottle on a dock