Possum Is The Perfect Drinking Game To Play While Social Distancing

A small animal on a tree branch

Spring is here, but it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it. Drinking games planned to crawl out of hibernation, but you won’t be playing those with your friends any time soon.

So, how can you practice social distancing while also playing a drinking game?

The answer: Possum.

Originating in New Zealand, (probably when Frodo was stuck in that tree) Possum is probably the simplest, and most fun, drinking game you can imagine.

All you need is a tree, yourself, and beer. Have a friend that wants to play? Just make sure they climb a different tree – close enough to see them, far enough to follow social distancing. BOOM.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Climb a tree (along with your case of beer – tricky), get situated up there. GET COMFY.

Step 2: Drink beer until you fall out of the tree.

That’s it. That’s Possum. First person to fall out of the tree loses. Maybe you’re playing by yourself – the game is over when you fall out of the tree. Usually this is played with two or more people, but we must adapt and overcome.

Cheers. Stay safe. Oh, bring some music up there…

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock