OJ Simpson Says He’ll “Go Crazy” If Golf Courses Close & Twitter Had A Field Day With It

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The Juice is on the loose, and he’s not about to get locked up again (even if it’s in his home this time).

OJ Simpson posted a video on his Twitter account this week complaining about golf courses closing due to the Coronavirus, saying he would “go crazy” if all the golf courses close.

Now, from most people this would just be a joke, but coming from OJ it sounded a lot like a warning….

If you’re not following OJ on Twitter, you’re missing out.

Sure, his posts are mainly just strange videos of him giving his thoughts on everything from football to politics to golf. But that’s not what makes his Twitter a must-follow. It’s the comments on everything he posts that are so damn hilarious.

And naturally, people had a lot of jokes about OJ saying he would go crazy.

I know we’re all social distancing right now, but maybe we need to keep a golf course open for OJ.

We all know what (allegedly) happens when OJ goes crazy…

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