A Fleabag Motel, Drunk Clown & More Star In Sam Hunt’s Eclectic “Hard To Forget” Music Video

Nothing like a fleabag motel to remind you that you’re stuck in quarantine on this lovely Friday morning.

Directed by Tim Mattia, the new music video features quite the bizarre cast of characters residing at the less-than-charming “Southside Motel.” To be blunt, it’s a shithole…

We have a hairy-backed, booze hound clown, violent card games, a little girl dancing, an old cowboy slinging his revolver, a live goat, party girls in the empty pool, and then there’s Sam.

Of course, the new single “Hard To Forget” samples Webb Pierce’s 1953 hit, “There Stands The Glass.” But according to Sam, he’s wanted to sample an old song for quite some time now.

“I’ve wanted to sample an older country song from an older era for a while, and I’ve tried a few times to make it work, and the songs just haven’t panned out or I haven’t had an idea to write with the samples that we’ve used. I tried some samples from the ‘90s ‘cause that’s kind of the era of country music that I grew up on, but it never seemed to quite work. For some reason when I heard this Webb Pierce sample for the first time, it clicked, and I knew that was gonna be the song that was gonna be the one we sampled.”

Sam’s upcoming album Southside, is set for release on April 3rd.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock