Mountain Dew to Launch “Frost Bite” Flavor This Spring & I Bet It Goes Great With Tequila

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I love when Mountain Dew launches a new flavor because I immediately think to myself: “What kind of alcohol should I mix with this?”

Call it what you want, but that’s where my mind goes. Here’s what we already have in the repertoire:

Regular Mountain Dew with tequila = Hillbilly Margarita

Merry Mash Up with champagne = Redneck Christmas Mimosa

Maui Burst with rum = Hillbilly Bahama Mama

You see? Good stuff isn’t it?

Anyways, the new flavor hits Walmart shelves exclusively on March 23rd (be careful going out, don’t want to get Coronavirus on account of a new Mountain Dew) and it’s called Frost Bite.

Not exactly the most “summery” name in the world, but it has a shark on it so that’s cool. And according to Delishthe flavor is “icy melon,” which sounds pretty refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

So what’s the hillbilly cocktail verdict?

I think we’re going to go with some type of vodka (possibly gin) and create some type of melon vodka slush. Blend up some ice, mix the new Frost Bite Dew with your favorite vodka, maybe add some simple syrup or a splash of Midori Melon and you’re good to go.

Or, if you’re a tequila fan, you can’t go wrong with a Hillbilly Melon Paloma. Blend up some ice, add Tequila, Frost Bite and a splash of club soda… bingo, bango, you’re drunk.


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A beer bottle on a dock