John Rich Will Pay Redneck Riviera Staff Amid Shutdown, Will Host Live Streams For Bands

John Rich is joining Dierks Bentley among the Broadway bar owners that are doing their best to take care of their staff among the Coronavirus shutdown.

Rich, owner of Redneck Riviera will continue to pay his staff an average of what they have been making over the past few months. But more than that, Rich is also helping out the bands that play at his bar as well.

According to NBC 4, Rich plans on hosting live stream performances from Redneck Riviera where fans can tune in, watch the band perform, and tip them via a special Venmo account.

“They’re the reason that people come to Nashville in droves and our city economy is so strong. So we can’t let these people get hurt,” said Rich. “You might go into the read a little bit but this about being an American and looking out for other people.”

For a lot of these Broadway bar bands, tips is the only way they make money. And while live-streaming their performances from an empty bar isn’t quite the same, every little bit helps.

Bravo John. Bravo.

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A beer bottle on a dock