Luke Combs Debuts Brand New Song “What Do You Do When It’s Raining”

Luke Combs playing a guitar

Coronavirus may be canceling tours, but it isn’t canceling new music.

Luke Combs took to Facebook Live tonight to give his fans a garage band concert, and shocker… it was awesome.

He kicked it off with a full performance of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” the same song we’ve been pushing Luke to play for a long time, so thank you Luke. But not only that, he gave us a brand new one.

Co-written with James McNair and Reid Isbell, this song was inspired by his fiancee Nicole asking about what you’re supposed to do when you’re on the beach and it’s raining.

More than likely titled “What Do You Do When It’s Raining,” it sounds an awful lot like Luke’s next hit.

“Fast Car”

“What Do You Do When It’s Raining”

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