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Whiskey Riff Quarantine Country Playlist Is The Soundtrack To Your Social Distancing

Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill.

Entire sports leagues have been canceled or pushed back, festivals and concerts have all been canceled or rescheduled, bars, restaurants, and stores are closing for the forseeable future, a national toilet paper crisis has begun and we’re barely even a day into the brunt of this thing. Long story short… we’re fucked.

So while we all attempt to quarantine ourselves in the comfort of our own homes for days on end, let’s ride this out thing together with the Whiskey Riff Quarantine Country playlist. Over 150 country songs from all over the spectrum. Some old, some new. Some from the Top 40, some from Texas. Some fun, some sad, and everything in between.

“Quarantunes,” if you will.

And don’t worry if this thing runs long, we’ll be updating the playlist periodically throughout the next few weeks. Stay safe out there people, and in the meantime, TURN IT UP.


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