Dierks Bentley To Give 90 Of His Nashville Bar Employees $1,000 Each

Dierks Bentley standing in front of a flag

Stay classy Mr. Bentley.

With bars and restaurants closing around the country, the good people of the service industry are taking a massive hit. Perhaps one of the areas that is being hit the hardest… Nashville’s Broadway.

Servers, bartenders, musicians… they all rely on tips to pay their bills. If the bars don’t open, they don’t make money, it’s that simple. With cooks, security, and the rest of the staff, it’s not hard to see how devastating Coronavirus is about to be for a whole lot of people.

We’ve seen employers across various industries step up where they can, Mark Cuban and various athletes are helping out the arena staff, but today, country’s own Dierks Bentley came through for his hourly employees at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville.

Starting immediately, Dierks Bentley is giving all 90 of his hourly employees $1,000 to hold them over in the short term. If nothing else, that should be able to pay their rent for a month while they figure out what do next.


Let’s be honest, things suck right now, but thankfully there are good people like Dierks out there making it suck a little less.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock