Young Entrepreneur Starts Selling Hand Sanitizer At School & Gets SUSPENDED

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These are tough times were living.

We’re already knee-deep in a global pandemic that is only going to continue to spread, sports and concerts have officially been canceled, and people are getting sicker by the day. Coronavirus is a nasty little fucker and it ain’t going away. It’s not good…

And now, more than ever, we need to make sure we’re keeping those hands clean. Our society depends on it. So tell me why a young entrepreneur got suspended from school for selling hand sanitizer to his fellow classmates?

Here’s what happened, according to Oliver’s mom:

“Why is he getting in from school at 10:53am you ask? Schools don’t finish until 3pm. Well the little turd has just been expelled from school for the day after been caught charging students 50p (about 65 cents) a squirt for hand sanitizer to protect themselves from the bloody corona virus! Very hard to discipline this behavior when his dad phones him from work to call him a fucking legend. For those asking, he made £9 (about $11 bucks)! He bought a multi-pack of Doritos and saving the rest to buy a kebab later.”

A $2 bottle of hand sanitizer nets the kid a cool $11 bucks, what’s the problem? It’s not like he’s dealing drugs here. Not only are we stifling health and safety, we’re going to stifle creative enterprise, capitalism, and free market economic development? So instead of taking this situation and teaching a very valuable lesson in supply and demand economics, young Oliver here gets sent home from school. He found a hole in the market and he filled it. Simple as that. And we’re talking about 50 cents here, not a hundred bucks. Relax people.

Oliver, you’re a smart kid, love the entrepreneurial spirit. Stay the course.

And dad calling him a fucking legend? Priceless. Dad gets it too.

Her Facebook post has 192,000 shares right now.

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