Luke Combs Reveals Why He Makes Music For Beer-Drinking, Blue Collar Country Fans

Luke Combs wearing a hat and standing outside
David Bergman

Luke Combs: Man of the people.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around Luke Combs’ meteoric rise to country music superstardom, it’s really quite simple: He’s a regular guy making music for regular people.

In a recent interview with The TimesLuke detailed why his music has been able to connect with so many fans, reiterating that the beer-drinking, blue collar, hard-working men and women that make up his fan base are the “fabric of our society.”

“Why do I sing about beer? Why do I sing about boring jobs? Because people who drink beer and have boring jobs are the fabric of our society. They’re also my fans… People who don’t like my music think it is bland, vanilla, songs for rednecks and moms in trucks and if I’m honest my music does have a lot of that because I had an everyday upbringing, living right in the middle of struggle and comfort, so I represent everyday people. I’m a fan of humility, which is why I like Ed Sheeran. He seems like a guy I went to high school with.”

Luke also wants to remind his fans to take pride in who they are, and that there is nothing wrong with being a “regular guy” or a “regular woman.” In fact, that’s exactly how he grew up too.

“I had a bland, boring, uneventful childhood in the best possible way. I went to school, played sports, wasn’t very good, parents were nice. You can be proud of having a regular job, of being a regular guy, a regular woman. There are so many people who grow up like that. And it’s OK.”

Man, I love this dude. Not only does he make great country music, but he genuinely cares about his fans and the message that sends to them. There’s no doubt that Luke is a phenomenal vocalist, a talented songwriter and gifted entertainer, but he has the humility, the honesty, the passion, and the love for his fans to match.

A true man of the people indeed.

Read the full interview here.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock