Tyler Farr Lights His Crotch On Fire & Then Takes A Boot To Flaming Crotch

A close-up of a person's legs

I suppose you could say Tyler Farr has a had a rough go lately.

After his hit single “A Guy Walks Into A Bar” went number one in 2014, he’s failed to break the top 20 with a song ever since. And his last three singles all stalled somewhere in the 50s. The jury is still out on his new single “Only Truck In Town,” but in the meantime, Tyler has taken to other forms of entertainment.

Entertainment in John Knoxville’s “light my crotch on fire and let somebody kick me in the aforementioned flaming crotch” department. Why? It’s hard to say really…

Even Farr’s good buddy Jason Aldean chimed in with a comment:

“It’s official…. ur an idiot!”

Boys will be boys… I guess… I don’t know…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock