Somebody Spent $600,000 On An Engagement Ring From…Wait For It…COSTCO


Gotta love Costco.

Where else can you get an industrial size can of cheese balls, a 14 pounds of ground beef, shampoo, a leather jacket, a coffin, a pool table, and… an engagement ring worth more than the average house? Costco… that’s the only place.

And according to Business Insiderthat’s exactly what one shopper did. The purchase made headlines in the company’s quarterly report after launching a significant spike in their sales.

“During the second quarter, we successfully launched both our Japan e-commerce site in December and our Australia e-commerce site this past month in February. And not to be outdone, we recently sold another high-value large-carat diamond for a little over $600,000.”

A multi-millionaire that still shops at Costco… I could be friends with that guy.

However, this isn’t the first time a massive engagement ring was purchased at Costco. Just last year, a fella dropped $400,000 on an ring for some lucky lady at the warehouse superstore.

If you’re in the market, maybe tell Zales to take a hike and check out Costco.

They have quite the selection…

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