Burn Up The Dance Floor With Hot Country Knights’ New “Moose Knuckle Shuffle”

“Welcome y’all to Moose Knuckle, Tennessee.”

The Hot Country Knights are back with a new ’90s country dance number that’s sweeping the nation. Called the “Moose Knuckle Shuffle,” it goes a little something like this:

“Shuffle to the left, shuffle to the right, put your hands in your pants and you hike ’em up high.
No matter what packing under that belt buckle, everybody do the moos knuckle shuffle.”

People are saying that it might even be better than the Watermelon Crawl.

Jeans are supposed to be worn high and tight…the way the Knights and guys like Trace and Billy Ray wore them back around the mid 90’s. Tight in all the right places, not down by your calves where these current ‘modern’ guys like Dirk Bradley and Luke Bryan and that tall guy from that girl group Lady Antebellum wear them,” explained lead singer Doug Douglason. “The Knights trademarked the Moose Knuckle, just like we did the mullet, and this video is more like a public service announcement for these guys. If you want to get the girl, hike up your jeans and dance. It’s not rocket science.”

You hear that? It’s not rocket science…

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