Even If Your Hometown Sucks, Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town” Will Get You Fired Up

While I was jamming out to the Whiskey Riff Y2K Country Playlist, and waiting for this slow-ass train to get across the tracks so I could continue my walk to work on this brisk March morning, I stumbled upon this gem.

Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town.”

What are the kid saying these days… it’s a bop? It slaps? This song fucks? Whatever they’re saying, it still holds true today. “My Town” is an undisputed jam sandwich, a first- team, all-early 2000’s hall of famer.

Ever since I first burned this song onto a mix CD back in 2002, selfishly killing my mom’s computer with an onslaught of viruses (thanks Kazaa), it’s been a perennial favorite. For all I know, that CD is still laying around in my parents’ basement somewhere. If I ever find it, I’ll let you know.

Anyways, here’s the thing though… my home town kind of sucks. Most home towns kind of suck.

But even if it does, even if you don’t ever want to go back, and even if you moved away long ago, I defy you to not get fucking jacked every time this song comes on. Shit town, great town, doesn’t matter. When Troy comes in for that chorus, your hometown is the best place on the face of the Earth for the next 2-3 minutes or so.

That’s what a good song will do to you. It will transport you to a different place, even if only for a minute.

And that’s what “My Town” does to me.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock