The Dixie Chicks Release Their First Single In 13 Years – “Gaslighter”

The Dixie Chicks were my JAM back in the day.

A little “Wide Open Spaces,” who could forget their impeccable cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” and of course, “Cowboy Take Me Away.” I, a 31-year old, grown-ass man, will still belt that one out whenever it comes on.

Needless to say, the Dixie Chicks have been out of the game for a while. Taking time to off raise their children, they’ve been out of country music for nearly 15 years, but today, March 4th 2020, they’re officially BACK.

The country trio spoke to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about their upcoming album, the return to country music, and why “Gaslighter” set the tone for the entire record.

“It was the first song we wrote with Jack Antonoff. At the time we thought we thought we were gonna write with a bunch of different people and get different producers and we wrote with him and we’re like, he needs to produce it and this needs to be the sound for this album ’cause it was just, he blew us away and it was such a fun song to start with… When we started writing with the writers we were writing with we ended up going back to them because it was just such a great team of people that we, to tap into. The sound that was shaping up, but like Emily said, it started with that “Gaslighter” sound and then it was easier to kind of complete the whole sounds once you kind of had that lead song, you know?”

And while their kids have gone from babies to teenagers, they’ve still managed to inspire the new music.

“We actually have a song called ‘Julianna Calm Down,’ and that’s my daughter’s name. And she’s just, she was a little mortified at the beginning. But now every time her brother, she gets all worked up, her brothers are like, ‘Julianna, calm down’.”

Their highly anticipated new album, Gaslighter, is set for release on May 1st.

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