Garth Brooks To Headline New Raiders Stadium In Las Vegas (Go Ahead G, Wear That Jon Gruden Jersey)

A person holding a guitar and standing on a stage with a crowd watching

Thank God Deion Sanders never played for the Oakland Raiders…

Announced today, Garth will be headlining the brand new Las Vegas Raiders stadium, Allegiant Stadium, on August 22nd this year. As part of his “Big-Ass Stadium Tour” (not the official name, but that’s what he wanted to call it), the gig will mark the first major concert performance at the stadium.

Of course, if you remember back to last week’s jersey debacle (which we broke first by the way, days before any other news site picked it up), Garth took some heat for wearing a Barry Sanders jersey in Detroit (DUH) because people (boomers) thought it was a Bernie Sanders jersey at that Garth was a “big freaking liberal socialist.” Peak social media behavior in 2020 people.

I’ve doubled checked and there isn’t anybody named “Gruden” running for president. You’re good to go G.

Tickets will be on sale Friday, March 13th.

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