Koe Wetzel, Josh Abbott, Parker McCollum & More To Headline The 2020 Larry Joe Taylor Fest

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Buckle up Texas.

Koe Wetzel, Josh Abbott Band, Parker McCollum, Randy Rogers Band and more are set to perform at one of the biggest country music parties on the planet… the annual Larry Joe Taylor Fest.

For the 32nd consecutive year, Larry Joe Taylor Fest will descend upon Stephenville, Texas, April 20th through the 25th, for what is guaranteed to be one of the craziest country music festivals you’re ever going to attend. And featuring the best artists the Texas/Red Dirt country music scene has to offer, you’re actually going to hear good music at this festival.

If you’re not familiar, here’s a little history of the festival:

“LJT has not always been the large 6-day Texas music event it is today. 31 years ago, venues for singer/songwriters were almost non-existent. Larry Joe wanted a place for he and his friends to play their own music and to provide a music friendly environment where both the artists and fans felt a common ground. The first few festivals drew music fans from the 70’s “outlaw” era or avis “chili cooks” who also happened to like original music. Many years later it became known as a springboard for many talented but unknown singer/songwriters and bands as well as staging well known artists from the past and present. Today, the Taylors and their crew continue looking for new ways to improve the fan and VIP experience, enhance the traditions of camping out, picking, singing and telling stories around a campfire, and showcasing the best original music in the nation.”

I’ve been to tons of different festivals, I’ve never been to LJT, but from everything I’ve seen… this thing is WILD. And like I said before, the music is actually good.

Here’s the full lineup.

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The 2020 LJT Fest Trailer

Oh, and if you think I’m kidding, it literally rains beer during Roger Creager’s set.

LJT > Stagecoach.

Get your tickets HERE.

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