Joe Rogan Praises Tyler Childers Once Again On Latest Podcast Episode

Joe Rogan = BIG Tyler Childers guy.

At this point, it’s no secret that Joe is fan of really good country music. You know, real country music. He’s obviously good friends with Sturgill Simpson and has had him on the podcast multiple times. He’s also had guests like Shooter Jennings, Chris Stapleton and even the comedic country singer Wheeler Walker Jr. come on in the past. He’s praised Tyler Childers on more than one occasion and the same goes for Jason Isbell. 

The point is, Joe has great taste.

On his most recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe had two great musicians on, Suzanne Santo of honeyhoney and the very talented Gary Clark Jr. It was nearly 4 hours of great conversation, but when Suzanne got to talking about working with Dave Cobb, Sturgill Simpson came up.

Everybody loves Sturgill, including Gary and Suzanne, but you know who else everybody loves? A guy named Tyler Childers.

You know who else I love? That dude who’s on the road with him right now, Tyler Childers. God damn he’s good. He’s [amazing]… both of his albums that I’ve listened to, I don’t know if he has more than two. Does he have more than two? He’s really good. He’s really authentic.”

Gary agreed and the two went on to discuss smoking weed with Sturgill Simpson.

Great stuff.

And if you’re one of those people who say things like “who gives a shit what Joe Rogan thinks?” Make no mistake, Joe has one of the biggest audiences in the world, and one of the most engaged. When he talks, it matters. Anytime he’s shouting out an artist like Tyler, one of the most authentic artists in country music, it’s good for the genre. Better yet, it’s GREAT for the genre.

So Joe, when is he coming on the podcast? 

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