Wedding Photographer Has Sex With Guest, Gets Arrested, Pees On A Tree & Threatens To Kill Officer’s Family

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There’s nothing like a batshit crazy story to lift you out of your post-lunch fog on a Tuesday afternoon.

I know what you’re thinking, this has Florida written all over it, and nine times out of ten, you’d be right, but this gem comes to us from the great state of Texas.

According to the New York Post, 25-year-old Katherine Leigh Mehta, a wedding photographer/bikini model, was arrested this past Saturday after she got caught having sex with a wedding guest and then responded to police by urinating on a tree.

Police records state that Mehta, who goes by Max McIntyre, was asked to leave by a venue security guard when she became combative, urinated on the aforementioned tree and threatened the families of the arresting officers.

“Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, y’all’s daughters are dead,” she told deputies from the back seat of a squad car. “My dad is going to find out about this and y’all are fucking dead. D-E-A-D.”

Mehta, who is now facing charges of public intoxication and obstruction/retaliation, also had a bottle of Xanax on her, which investigators believe she mixed with alcohol.

Here’s a quick peek at her Instagram profile before we break this down.

Holy shit, where to begin…

Hot bikini model moonlighting as a wedding photographer or is it the other way around? At this point in her career, it’s next to impossible to tell. However, the whole having sex with a wedding guest thing, doesn’t shock me one bit. It’s fall in Texas, wedding season, love is in the air… I mean sure, should she be working? Yes. Is this the first time two people bumped uglies in the back room at this wedding venue? Highly doubt it. Will it be the last time? Definitely not.

The fact is, she got busted. Chalk it up to embarrassment, unprofessionalism, whatever… just pick up your panties off the floor, give a nod to the lad that’s standing there in nothing but dress socks and head home with whatever dignity you have left. Welp, that didn’t happen.

She goes completely off the rails, gets combative and pisses on a tree. Now forgive my ignorance here, and poor understanding of basic human anatomy, but how does a girl really piss on a tree without looking like a complete fool? Either way, what I really want to know, is who the fuck is her dad? And, why is he going to kill the poor daughters of these police officers? Is he in the Mob? The Cartel? CIA Assassin? I mean is there anything worse than some pipsqueak spoiled brat rich kid screaming  “Do you know who my dad is?” The answer is no.

“My dad is going to find out about this and y’all are fucking dead. D-E-A-D.” 

I love how she spells it out at the end too. Not only does she drop the “D” word, her big finish is spelling the word “dead,” like nobody knows what she meant the first time. Embarrassing.

Slacking on the job, getting trashed at work, scoring with a wedding guest… I was a big fan of her in the beginning, but she completely lost me by the end. Lucky for Max, we live in a world where making headlines in national news can instantly send your Instagram following through the roof, putting a glimmer of hope into her dead-end modeling career. Hell, if they shoot a video, she might be the next Kim Kardashian.

Anyways, glad I could waste 5 minutes of your day.

Here’s more of her highlight reel.

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