MLB Pitcher Madison Bumgarner Has Secretly Been Roping In Rodeos With A Fake Name… And Winning

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Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised.

This is the same guy that once gave his wife a cow for her birthday.

According to a new report in The Athletic2014 Wolrd Series MVP and current Arizona Diamondback, Madison Bumgarner has secretly been competing in rodeos, and winning. Under the alias “Mason Saunders,” Bumgarner was spotted winning over $26,000 roping cattle with his partner Jaxson Tucker.


“Oh boy,” Bumgarner told Athletic reporters when they asked him about the photo. “This is ruining my alias… I’m upset with both you two.”

And while I don’t think he’ll be roping again any time soon, the D-Backs organization shockingly didn’t seem too pissed off. I mean, they’re paying him $85 million dollars over the next few years to win baseball games. Roping cattle is the LAST thing they want him doing.

Even Coach Bochy was impressed

“It’s pretty impressive how he hid this. And he won, right? I mean, jeez. That’s even more impressive,” Coach Bochy said, according to “I’ve got to think that’s the end of him being on the rodeo circuit… I can’t wait to talk to him about it.”

That damned ol’ rodeo…

Cue the CoJo.

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