An Update On That Upcoming Garth Brooks ‘Fun’ Album That’s Only Two Years Late…

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C’mon Garth. Where is this new album Garth? The people want to know Garth.

Even though Garth Brooks’ upcoming album Fun (yeah, it’as actually called that because music is fun), was set to drop back in the summer of 2018, fans are still waiting for the release. And many who have already pre-ordered the album have now been left wondering what the hell is going on?

Well, according to a new interview with BillboardGarth will be turning the album in on March 1st with a release date looking like “summer at some point.”

Going on two years since the initial release date, people have pre-ordered the album, and all we get is “summer at some point”?

“Something is happening at the very last second that might have a song make it on there, so we’re exploring that over the next two weeks,” however, Garth also says that there is “gonna be five singles on this” before the release of the album.

FIVE singles?

So we’re going to get to five singles before we release the album and three have already been released including “Dive Bar,” which is still moving up the charts. So by my math, we’re going to have to run the cycle on two more singles after “Dive Bar” is done and somehow get this album out in the summer? The last day of summer? I’m no expert but that sounds like a tall order. Unless they’re both released together, or not really pushed at radio, I don’t see how that is going to happen.

For the love of God Garth, get it together.

These fans need closure…

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And in other Garth news, some fans think he’s a “big freaking liberal socialist” because of his Sanders jersey.

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