Russell Wilson Told Not To Listen To Country Music By His Mental Health Coach – “It’s So Negative”

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In a recent interview with Kiro Radio, Russell Wilson’s mental conditioning coach Trevor Moawad said that he advises Russell not to listen to country music because it’s “too negative.”

“You know, country music is great, but it’s so negative that … we don’t want to have that really dictating our internal ad campaign. That doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it, but if you’re going through a divorce or a tough challenge and you’re listening to sad music, you’re going to be influenced negatively.”

Welp Trev, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Real life is tough and some of the best country songs ever written tell hard stories. And sometimes, people going through some shit need to hear a sad song to feel better. It’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. That being said, if you turn on country radio for 20 minutes, I’m sure you’ll hear 5 straight party anthems from dudes singing about trucks and beer. That whole “country is depressing” stereotype has been outdated for years and years now.

But whatever, to each their own.

Russell can keep skipping the country music to stay positive. Meanwhile, we’ll be over here like…

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The best part about being sad.

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