Burglar Breaks Into Soldier’s House, Leaves Apology And Only Steals A Sip Of Liquor

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Nothing like a patriotic burglar, eh?

According to local police, a man broke into a house with the intent to commit a burglary, but when he realized he was in the house of a soldier, he abandoned his plan, wrote an apology on the wall, and left the house, but not before tasting some of the soldier’s liquor.

I broke the Seventh Commandant of the Bible. I had no idea it was the house of a soldier. I realized this when I saw the uniform and cap. Kindly forgive me officer.”

Wasn’t aware you could have a conscience in the burglary game, but alas, I stand corrected.

Then again, if I’m the homeowner in this situation, I’d be PISSED that this clown wrote all over my wall. Just take a few hundred bucks out of my nightstand and get out. But no, now I have to get a painter in here to fix that, gotta make some phone calls, it’s gone from an inconvenience to a full-blown ordeal. You couldn’t find a pen and a piece of paper anywhere?

And then somewhere in the middle of this burglar’s stroke of morality, while he was weighing the pros and cons of robbing a member of the military, he decided to crack open of booze and mull it over.

Everybody has a place where they draw the line. Some criminals might abstain from robbing women or children, some might go Robin Hood and only steal from the rich, and some, like this guy, they drawn the line at the men and women that serve the country.

Patriotism at its finest.

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A beer bottle on a dock