Sam Hunt Debuts Introspective New Heartbreaker “2016”

Sam Hunt may be known for his “Body Like A Back Road,” type of fun party songs, but every so often, he’ll hit you with something a little deeper. And to be honest, it’s when Sam is at his best.

A thoughtful and introspective look in the mirror, “2016” finds a regretful Sam coming to grips with the mistakes he made during a breakup. Longing to go back and fix everything, Sam sings “I’d take 2016, and all the lonely nights in between, and give it back to you.”

I just finished up a record a couple weeks ago, it’ll be out maybe the 3rd… this is a song that’s on the new record. It’s one of the more stripped-down, intimate songs, and it this seemed like a good venue to pull out a song like that so I want to try it out for the first time here. This one’s called ‘2016.’”

Sam upcoming album Southside, featuring his current single “Kinfolks,” the next single “Hard To Forget,” and this new one will be available one April 3rd.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock