American Aquarium Announces Upcoming Album, ‘Lamentations’

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Joshua Black Wilkins

American Aquarium is gearing up to release another album this spring, and this time, Grammy-winning producer Shooter Jennings is at the helm.

Titled Lamentations, the upcoming project is a long hard look at the fractured and broken world that we live in, as observed by American Aquarium founder and frontman BJ Barham.

“Country music was the voice of the people. It wasn’t always the prettiest voice, but it was an honest voice,” says Barnham. “I think that’s where country music has lost its way. I operate in the dark shadows of what we don’t want to talk about in the South.”

And with Lamentations, tough conversations is exactly what we’re going to get.

“As a songwriter, my number one job is to observe and then translate what I observe into a song, a story, a lesson,” Barham says. “I’d be doing myself and the listener a huge disservice if I didn’t talk about the things I see, which is a country, divided.”

Due out May 1st, the album will also feature special guest performances from Matt Douglas on saxophone, along with vocals from Jamie Lin Wilson and the Watson Twins.

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