Ruin Your Day With The God-Awful “Country” Remix Of “Yummy” By Justin Bieber & Florida Georgia Line


Christ almighty. Can I just enjoy my fucking coffee?

Justin Bieber has a “country” remix of his song “Yummy” and guess who joins him? Of course, it’s Florida Georgia Line.

Tyler Hubbard continues to follow his passion of becoming a rapper, throwing out some major zingers like:

“I be loving Waffle House but you my Chick-fil-A.”

Let that desecration of two iconic establishments soak in.

There’s more..

“I’m yo chicken you my dumpling.”

That’s it. It’s over. Someone please call Eminem and Kanye and Drake and tell them to retire. There’s a new sheriff in town.

A quick look through the top comments on FGL’s Instagram post shows that many of their fans hate the song.

– “NO”

– “BK and Tyler you’re better than this 😔”

– “0/100”

– “Why”

– “Well that was something”

Here you go. Listen. Don’t listen. Whatever.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock