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Miranda Lambert Stalker Fakes Suicide After Getting Scammed By Imposter Instagram Account

Fake artist accounts wreaking havoc on country music fans is nothing new. At worst, they scam you out of some money, and at best, you have some fun with them and spend half an hour talking solely in only George Straits song titles (more on that here).

Honestly, you have to be pretty stupid to get scammed by one of these fake accounts, but my mom thinks Scotty McCreery follows her on Twitter so I suppose I have a little bit of sympathy.

That being said, rarely do you find yourself, along with your wife Shirley, on Dr. Phil because she’s claiming you’re having an emotional affair with a Miranda Lambert imposter.

According to Dr. Phil:

“Shirley wrote to Dr. Phil because her husband, Dean, thought he was in direct contact with the country singer, Miranda Lambert. Even though he later found out he’s been scammed by multiple “Miranda” scammers, he says his love for Miranda Lambert did not stop. In fact, he’s doubled down, and now, he says he and Shirley are just roommates. They both say they need Dr. Phil’s help because they want to find out what’s going on in Dean’s head before he goes too far down the rabbit hole of his “obsession” with the star.”


Crazy Dean started messaging with this fake account, you know your typical love stuff, but then it took a turn for the worse when Dean started sending fake Miranda money. Something to the tune of $16,000 dollars. SIXTEEN THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS, across five or six different imposter accounts.

Even though he knew he was getting scammed, he admitted that he was completely in love with Miranda Lambert. And that he couldn’t work on his crumbling marriage until he fell out of love with her.

Poor Shirley…

Then, when Miranda announced her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin, things got even uglier.

He started contacting the real Miranda Lambert through social media, putting a letter in her REAL mailbox, was contacted by her security, and even went to the mentally insane lengths of filming a fake suicide video.

Seriously, the guy should literally be locked up until he gets some help.

Yeah, pretty fucked up stuff…

Anyways, watch as Dr. Phil tears this stalker a new asshole in our riveting conclusion.

You can’t make this shit up…

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