Fight Off The Sunday Scaries With The Steeldrivers’ “Where Rainbows Never Die”

If your familiarity with Chris Stapleton stops at “Tennessee Whiskey,” you’re doing yourself a HUGE disservice.

Prior to Stapleton’s solo breakout in 2015, he was part of a phenomenal bluegrass group called The Steeldrivers, and also fronted a southern rock group called The Jompson Brothers. I highly recommend you dive into both of those acts if you’re jonesin’ for a little something extra from Chris Stapleton. It’s great stuff.

Yesterday, while attempting to clean my apartment from top to bottom, I ran through a large portion of Chris’ music, everything from The Steeldrivers to songs that were cut by other country artists, and stumbled upon an incredible song that I had completely forgotten about: The Steeldrivers’ “Where Rainbows Never Die.”

An incredibly powerful song about an old man bound for Glory, it carries a weighty, yet optimistic, sadness. A peaceful ending. Kind of like your weekend. It’s almost over, and it’s sad, but take heart, you never know what this next week might hold for you.

You see, that’s how great this song is. It’s making me think WAY too deeply about a Sunday night.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock