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photo credit: Instagram/@njbloodymary

Nashville Restaurant’s Bloody Mary Has Two Fried Chickens, 55 Oz Of Drink, Scotch Eggs, Fried Okra and Avocado

CHRIST ALMIGHTY…it’s beautiful.

What a lovely way to get wrecked on a Saturday morning. Nashville’s Party Fowl restaurant has a Bloody Mary that’s reached legendary status.

The “Brunch For Two” comes with the following:

– TWO whole fried Cornish hens

 – 55 oz of Bloody Mary

– Two Scotch Eggs

– 8 pieces of fried okra

– And of course one avocado, because you need some healthy fats mixed in

It costs $50, but looks like it could feed more than two. I need a cocktail.

Look at this sexy thing.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock