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Stunning Jamey Johnson “In Color” Tattoo Receives Viral Reaction

To this day, if you say to me, “Hey Wes, what’s a good song to send to someone that has never listened to country music before?” I’d probably have to rattle off a few, but no doubt about it, Jamey Johnson’s “In Color” would be one of them.

It’s just that damn good. If you want to know what country music storytelling is all about, look no further.

However recently, that very same song has inspired another to tell their own story in the form of this stunning memorial tattoo. And so far, the reaction has been INSANE. Of course there wasn’t a lot of context here other than that it was a memorial piece from Adler Tattoo in Evansville, Indiana, but as of right now, the video has received over 83,000 shares on Facebook.

It’s not hard to see why.

Tattoo by: Nathan AdlerSecond session on this Memorial piece!

Posted by AdlerTattoos on Thursday, December 19, 2019


Impressive work.

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