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Skip The Chocolates, Get Her A Heart-Shaped 12-Pack Of Bud Light This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time fellas…

I know, I know, you’re still cleaning up after Groundhog Day (a very underrated holiday btw) and the next thing you know, it’s two days out from Valentine’s Day and you haven’t done a damn thing.

And sure, you could just go to the grocery store and pick up the obligatory heart-shaped box of Russell Stover and some bargain flowers that wouldn’t impress your grade school crush, because hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?


I’ve only been married for a week (literally) but it’s definitely NOT just the thought that counts. And even if it was, I’d be hard pressed to say that picking up some half-dead flowers from Walmart on Friday after work even qualifies as a “thought”. You should do better, and you CAN do better fellas. No this year, give her something that really says “I love you”. Something that really shows her you care…

A heart-shaped, ice cold, 12-pack of Bud Light.

Roses are red, Bud Light is blue, Come have a beer with me, or maybe two…

Congrats on the sex.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock