Controversial Movie Starring Sturgill Simpson, ‘The Hunt,’ To Finally Be Released In March

The Hunt is BACK.

If you remember back to August, the highly-anticipated satirical thriller where “elites” kidnap and hunt “deplorables” was abruptly cancelled after receiving quite the backlash. The movie starring Hillary Swank and Sturgill Simpson was supposed to debut last fall, but drew a lot criticism in the wake of the Dayton and El Paso shootings. Universal shortly thereafter decided to pull the film from its September release.

Even Donald Trump chimed in:

However, according to Hollywood Reporterthe film has finally received the green light and will premiere next month, March 13th to be exact.

“It was read as a satire, no different from The Joker or other movies that are violent,” says producer Jason Blum. “It was read as a movie that didn’t take sides… The audience is smart enough to know that what they’re seeing is a satire and it’s preposterous.”

“We think that people who see it are going to enjoy it and this may be a way to shine a light on a very serious problem in the country, which is that we’re divided,” adds screenwriter Damon Lindelof. “And we think the movie may actually, ironically, bring people together.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, I’m pumped to see Sturgill Simpson play a character named “Kid Rock” in a movie.

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