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Kentucky Legislator Introduces Resolution Honoring Tyler Childers, Cites “Ever Lovin’ Hand” Among Notable Accomplishments

It gets so hard out on the road.

But for Tyler Childers, a love song about jerking off to his wife while he’s out on tour may just get him honored on the roads of his home state.

A resolution was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives last week to honor their newest superstar with road signs along the Country Music Highway in his native Lawrence County. The resolution cites some of Tyler’s many accomplishments, like his album “Purgatory” debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart, his winning Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2018 Americana Music Honors and Awards… and “Ever Lovin’ Hand,” his song about jerking off.

WHEREAS, Tyler Childers is known for songs such as “Whitehouse Road,” “House Fire,” “Feathered Indians,” and “Ever Lovin’ Hand” describing his time on the road and the loneliness he felt being away from his wife…

The resolution, which has been referred to the House Transportation Committee, states that the signs reading “Home of Country Music Artist Tyler Childers” shall be erected (you’ve gotta think that word choice was intentional) on the Country Music Highway along Highway 23 in Lawrence County.

Now, legislative sessions are usually pretty boring. Just a bunch of old people arguing about shit that nobody really cares about. But to hear those old people debate a song about masturbating in a hotel room? We could be watching history here folks. You have to think this is the first time that a song about jerking off would be recognized by a state legislature, forever becoming part of the official public record of Kentucky.

And as for Tyler – well, he seems pretty excited about it too.

We agree, Tyler. It’s a motion we can all get behind. And hopefully something comes from it soon.

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