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Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line Launch New Bourbon, “Wolf Moon”

Look – I can’t shit on something before I try it.

To make matters more difficult, I do like drinking, and bourbon. SO, until I actually try this bourbon (Wes and I will do a review on the podcast), I’m just going to give you the details.

Jason Aldean has teamed up with Florida Georgia Line to launch a new bourbon through the Old Camp brand called, “Wolf Moon.”

Here’s what they had to say..

“There’s nothing like sharing a glass of bourbon with my crew after a show…you could say it’s been part of our ritual for years,” Aldean said. “Tyler and Brian have been a part of that ritual and we wanted to create something to remind us of our favorite memories,” Aldean said. “Wolf Moon’s name is a nod to the pack…the friends that become family. I’m looking forward to raising a glass with all my fans on the road this year.”

“Making good whiskey has been our passion project, and we really wanted to create something with Jason that would be totally different from Old Camp,” FGL’s Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard added. “We’ve had this idea for years and spent a lot of time making sure we got it just right. We’re all so proud of this and it was really fun to collaborate on something together outside of music.”

According to a press release, Wolf Moon is a straight bourbon whiskey distilled from robust Midwestern corn fields and aged for four years in the finest new charred American oak barrels. Wolf Moon Bourbon is 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume) and is available for purchase at select retailers nationwide. For more information visit www.WolfMoonBourbon.com.

A bottle will cost $24.99. We’ll give this a good test and get back to y’all.

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Here’s a little promo video for it.

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A beer bottle on a dock