Incredible Video Shows An Unknown Tyler Childers Performing “Shake the Frost” In A Living Room Nearly 10 Years Ago

These are the types of videos that make all those wasted hours on YouTube worth it.

You start browsing “before they were famous” videos from some of your favorite artists, and you come across something like this. The video, recorded in 2011, shows a very young Tyler Childers (somewhere around 19-20 years of age, depending on when it was actually shot), performing his song “Shake the Frost” in a living room.

As many YouTube comments pointed out, it’s pretty funny to see the friend next to Tyler seemingly uninterested and on her laptop.

You gotta wonder, did the folks in that room that day with Tyler know they were in the presence of greatness? Well, they sure as hell do now.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock