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If You’re Not Listening To Josh Ward, You’re Seriously F**king Up

I’ve become a huge Josh Ward fan.

Over the last year+, he’s become one of my go-to artists regardless of mood or occasion. A while back, I made “The Devil Don’t Scare Me” the Song of the Week, but Josh is the type of artist where any of his songs deserve to be recognized.

The Texan is “all grit and no quit,” delivering the type of real deal, no bullshit, country music I think many fans sick of the mainstream will latch onto. If you love a Cody Johnson, a Jon Pardi, or a guy by the name of George Strait, you’re going to love Josh Ward. Do yourself a favor, and go listen if you’ve been sleeping.

“The Devil Don’t Scare Me”

“All About Lovin'”


“Hard Whiskey”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock