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(Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)

Drunk Florida Woman Arrested For Smearing Dog Poop In Fiance’s Face After Beating Him


But, we have a Florida Woman sighting!

Police in St. Petersburg responded to a call about a woman beating a man – that woman was Jane Marie Faulkner, 41.

The man said Faulkner was drunk, beating him, and yes, smeared dog shit in his face. She admitted to cops that she did hit him and put the dog poop all over his face. She was arrested for domestic battery.

What do you think Jane was throwing back all day? Maybe Fireball? Some wine coolers? What did that guy do to send ol’ Jane here into such a rage all she could think to do was pick up dog shit and shove it in his face? All thought-provoking questions we need to ask.

The wedding should be a blast!

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