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Cody Johnson Releases A Signature Cologne So You Can Smell Like Rugged Texas Country Man

You don’t see this very often anymore – a country artist dropping a signature cologne.

Unless, you’re talking about Cody Johnson.

The budding superstar out of Texas has officially released a new cologne for $69 (internet: “nice”).

“COJO Cologne is 100% all natural blended fragrance, handcrafted right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. This distinct and unique fragrance is undeniably incomparable to other brands; hands down! Whether you go to work in a Resistol cowboy hat and spurs, a sports coat and tie, or leather gloves and a hard hat, COJO Cologne is the scent especially crafted for the cowboy in YOU!”

Basically this stuff can be worn wherever the fuck you want.

How it smells:

The fragrance falls into the Woody Aromatic fragrance. The custom blend begins with top notes of bergamot, light spices and Mandarin oil. The middle notes contain bunches of coriander spice, sandalwood, honey & rugged leather. The woody base is a mix of mahogany wood, fir balsam and a touch of vetiver and amber.

Great detail there, but buying cologne without smelling it first is risky. The logo is pretty intense, however, which makes me believe you don’t need much of this liquid on your body. Just a spritz.

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