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These Cargo Socks Are The Best Worst Thing Ever And NEED To Happen

I happened to stumble upon something that was so ridiculous, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Cargo Socks. What the hell was I looking at? I Googled them, and my heart sank.

These cargo socks which would work with flip-flops and carry everything you needed from phone to wallet, were in fact, a joke. The company, Prank-o, specializes in goofy prank gifts, and apparently this is one of them.

[insert crying emoji]

Basically, these cargo socks are in fact just a fake box where you put the actual gift. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. From bliss, to oh shit, this isn’t my gift? BUT I WANT THE SOCKS.

These would be a country festival staple, and should probably happen. Bystanders would be dropping left and right from the amount of whiplash they experienced looking back at these as they walked by.

These AND a fanny pack? You’d be set. Glorious.

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A beer bottle on a dock