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Nothing Says “I Love You, Let’s Black Out” Like A Heart-Shaped Box Of Fireball Shooters

I can’t do Fireball anymore.

If I do happen to take a shot of it, it’s usually because someone panicked with the server/bartender and didn’t think they’d get called on so quickly as we tried to figure out what shots to order.

The brain goes back to when we were 21, and just blurts out “Fireball,” leaving everyone staring bewildered and asking “really?”

However, maybe you still love throwing back this stuff. If that’s the case, Valentine’s Day just got a bit easier when it comes to the gifts.

Nothing will say “I LOVE YOU” this year like a heart-shaped box of Fireball shooters. It makes for the perfect romantic night. According to Delish, these boxes which feature a “Chocolate Is For Amateurs” message can be found at Vlamis Liquors, in Maryland.

Not sure what other liquor stores carry this, but be on the lookout if you need to class it up this V-Day.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock