Ashley McBryde Premieres “Hang In There Girl” Music Video – Part III Of Her Murder Mystery Saga

Ashley McBryde’s thrilling 3-part music video series is drawing to its dramatic conclusion.

If you remember back to Ashley McBryde’s “One Night Standards” video, we witnessed a cheating man get busted by his wife in a motel that Ashley was working at. When the cheating man’s wife took a shovel to the mistress, and then stuffed her lifeless body in the trunk of her car, we saw Ashley go running towards the car to… help? And then, as we found out in the “Martha Divine” chapter of the story, the man turned out to be Ashley’s dad, the woman with a the shovel was Ashley’s mother, and now we have a mother daughter-daughter duo on the run with a body in the trunk.

Caught up? Good.

That brings us to Part III, the “Hang In There Girl” chapter of the saga where we find out what Ashley and her mother plan to do with the body in their trunk. After all, we already have a shovel…

Ashley McBryde is gearing up to release her highly anticipated new sophomore album, Never Will, on April 3rd.

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A beer bottle on a dock